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Manual Handling

Manual Handling covers any activity which involves lifting, pulling, pushing, supporting or carrying a person or object, using your own hands or other body parts. Many people think it’s focused on lifting alone, but that’s not the case.

Our Manual Handling courses cover the handling of people and of objects, to give us much site into causes and of injury from mis-handling and, importantly, how to avoid them.

Manual Handling of People

While some of the principals are similar in both courses, our Manual Handling of People courses focuses particularly on situations involving another person, covering topics such as mobility, moving from chairs and beds, handling aids and so on.

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Manual Handling of Objects

With some of the same principals as our handling of people course, our handling of objects course looks risk assessments, ergonomics of the spine, practical exercises and more.

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Assessment and certification:

Assessment is through interaction and continuous assessment by the trainer. Certificates are issued on completion of the training course.