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Manual Handling of People

Who is this training course for?

Our Moving and Handling of people training course is designed for those who work in care homes, domiciliary care, housing support, hospitals etc or anyone else who has a need to lift or handle people.

The course looks at various aspects of moving and handling people including spine awareness, mobility assisting, various handling aids and assisting people to and from beds and chairs, plus much more.

Why might you need manual handling training?

Poor Manual Handling of people and objects accounts for approximately 36% of all work related accidents and injuries.

It is a legal requirement to provide your staff with suitable Handling & Moving training, should it be required as part of their job.

What does the Manual Handling course cover?

Our course covers a range of topics, including both the practical and legal side of handling and moving people. Specific topics include:

  • Spine awareness and back care
  • Manual handling injuries and what causes them
  • Responsibilities imposed by the “Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992″
  • Risk assessment
  • Principles of moving people in health care environments
  • Mobility assisting
  • Assisting residents in chairs
  • Assisting residents in bed
  • Handling aids and their uses.
  • Benefits of attending:

Our Moving and Handling of People training is designed to prevent workplace injuries, ensure the safety of your residents, avoid financial loss to your business and comply with current health and safety regulations.

We deliver training at a time and date that suits you at your premises.

Assessment and Certification:

Assessment of those taking part in our Moving and Handling of People course is through interaction and continuous assessment by the trainer with the learners. Certificates are issued on completion of training.

Where does this course run?

We can arrange to run this course at a time and place that suits your business, though it’s typically run within the business premises.

We regularly run external courses that employees can attend individually, where they will learn alongside individuals from other organisations.

To date, this course has been run across central Scotland, including Greater Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and beyond.

Assessment and certification:

Assessment is through interaction and continuous assessment by the trainer. Certificates are issued on completion of the Accredited training.